5 photographs, double-channel video installation
One Work Hides Another


















































Working on the Cut

Originally commissioned for the Zeeuws Museum on the occasion of their first showing of Marinus van Reymerswale's The Calling of Matthew, the video installation, Working on the Cut follows the reconstruction of this painting. Through this reconstruction, conservators attempted a partial restoration of the painting in order to make it more legible.

Working on the Cut consists of two projections, which together form a square, like the painting itself. Parallel to the footage of the conservators at work, the artist attempts to reconstruct a fragmented image. He projects the images so that the frame of the videos corresponds with the edges of the panel sections. This results in an intriguing interplay centered on the reconstruction of the image. Working on the Cut deals with the problematic representation of an image that can be made visible only through a reconstruction.

Ivo van Werkoven, In the dark: How a lost Van Reymerswale was rediscovered.