single-channel video with sound (for television)
27 minutes 52 seconds
A Story Called 'Eurabia'

In the autumn of 2004, during a primetime-viewing slot in the United States, FOX News broadcasted a 4-part series, which purported to examine the current role of immigration in Europe. The title of this series was ‘Eurabia’. At no point in the series was this term ‘Eurabia’ discussed, nor was it even mentioned for that matter. It was this lack of explanation – a discrete slipping of a new word into everyday media discourse – that initially motivated the production of A Story Called ‘Eurabia’. This half-hour program takes a look at the grammar of this particular FOX News broadcast – the ways in which it puts together images and words, actions and speech. Remaining on the surface of the broadcast, refusing to enter into an investigation of the discourse outside of this particular program, which unfolds under the heading ‘Eurabia’, the program ‘Eurabia’ is seen as itself producing a surface upon which a particular set of identifications take place, most forcefully, the identification of immigration with terrorism and thus of immigrants and terrorists.